Cookie Trays

3” Cookies $28.00 per Dozen

4” Cookies $38.00 per Dozen

5” Cookies $ 48.00 per Dozen

3” Chocolate Chip Cookies $24.00 per Dozen

4” Chocolate Chip Cookies $36.00 per Dozen

3” iced Gingerbread Cookies $24.00 per Dozen

4” iced Gingerbread Cookies $36.00 per Dozen

Grandma’s Russian TeaCakes $18.00 per Dozen

(decorative tray add $4.00 to total)

Individually Wrapped Cookies (w coordinating bows)

3” Cookies $2.75 each/ $30.00 per Dozen

4” Cookies $3.50 each/ $40.00 per Dozen

5” Cookies $4.25 each/ $48.00 per Dozen

4” Chocolate Chip Cookies $3.00 each/ $38.00 per Dozen

4” Gingerbread Cookies $3.00 each/ $38.00 per Dozen

Logo Cookie Trays  –  min. order 24

3” Cookies $30.00 per Dozen

4” Cookies $40.00 per Dozen

Baskets and Bouquets

Cookie Baskets ( 3” cookies)

4 Cookie $12.00

6 Cookie $18.00

8 Cookie $24.00

12 Cookie $36.00

Cookie Baskets/Bouquets (4” cookies)

3 Cookie $20.00

5 Cookie $30.00

7 Cookie $37.00

9 Cookie $47.00

Chocolate Chip/Gingerbread

Cookie Bits Small $10.00

Cookie Bits Medium $12.00

Cookie Bits Large $16.00

4” Chocolate Chip or Gingerbread Baskets

6 Cookie   $22.00

8 Cookie   $28.00

12 Cookie $40.00

12 Russian Tea Cake Basket $22.00

All bouquets include a variety of containers or baskets decorated with bows, filler & individually wrapped 4” cookies with or without stick.

All baskets include a variety of containers or baskets enveloped in cellophane and decorated with bows and coordinating filler.

All trays are sturdy decorative cardboard (unless decorative tray requested) and wrapped for freshness.

Basket/Bouquet prices subject to change depending on decoration choices.

*Discounts available for large orders, charity, school, corporate, etc.

Cookie Flavors

Our signature cookie flavor is Sugar, but we offer SO MUCH more! Our Decorated cookies are available in Cream Cheese Sugar, Lemon Sugar, Gingerbread, Sugar and Spice, Chocolate Sugar and Peanut Butter.

Outrageous Chocolate Chip cookies can also be decorated, we ask that you limit shape to circle or square due to the thickness of the cookie.

Ordering Information:

Our cookies are completely and carefully handmade with your satisfaction in mind, from the first steps of mixing the dough and icing to baking and then hand decorating each one individually.  This process is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive therefore resulting in a higher price than processed cookies or candy.

The finest ingredients are chosen for your order and we include no extra preservatives; we do suggest a “shelf life” of 7 days from the day of receipt of product.

*Although minimum notice guidelines are given, requests are processed in the order they are received. Please place your order with as much notice as possible to ensure plenty of time for preparation*

Orders of 1 to 60 (5 dozen) require minimum notice of 24 hours.

Orders of more than 5 dozen require a minimum notice of 4 days.

Orders of more than 5 dozen require a deposit of 50%, half of which is refundable up until 24 hours prior to receipt of product.

We have hundreds of designs to choose from, but if custom design is requested – we ask that you approve a proof (to be emailed to you) before order is completed. Custom shaped cookie orders require more lead time, so please contact as soon as possible.

We accept orders for our Cookies & Candy via phone and e-mail only at this time.

Our online store will be open just as soon as all photos and options have been included on this site.

To place an order, please e-mail us at (copy and paste this in your email program, if you use programs such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.) or give us a call at 229-296-3988.

Please include in your e-mail:

  • the name or description of the cookie design
  • the quantity needed
  • any decoration details
  • the date you wish to receive your cookies
  • any questions you may have
  • a contact number or other preferred email address

We will contact you as soon as we can, usually within 8 hours.

Payment Types and Terms

At the moment only debit/credit card (through paypal) or cash is accepted.

If a payment is returned, the customer will be responsible for any and all charges resulting in the default of payment.


All of our Individual cookies and Baskets and Bouquets come wrapped in a Cellophane bag and coordinating Satin Bow. Packaging is included in the pricing quotes for our cookies unless otherwise indicated.

All of our Tray cookies come on decorative cardboard and wrapped in cellophane for freshness, unless coordinating tray is desired ($4 fee per tray).

Refunds, Cancellations & Problems

Large orders require a 50% deposit at time of order, half of which is refundable up until 24 hours prior to receipt of product.

Cookies are fragile and should be handled with care when transporting, we guarantee that your cookies will be undamaged if we deliver them to you, or damaged pieces will be replaced.

Once you take receipt of your order, we are not responsible for any damage.

Should your order be shipped and arrive with damaged pieces. Please note that we require photographic proof of breakage for refund, replacement or credit consideration.


From time to time, Confetti Cookie Company may use decorated cookies from customer orders for our Web site and marketing pieces. We will never include any personal information about our customers in our publications.

Please note that our cookies are decorated by hand and this may lead to your decorated cookies varying slightly in appearance from the images on this Web site.

For large quantities of decorated cookies, there may be slight variations in our hand-tinted colors